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The dead lift is simply one of the most effective exercises for developing overall strength and muscle.  A full body exercise that recruits a lot of muscle, and other benefits of the dead lift is improvement of posture, if done correctly.

Make sure you run through a good warm up and incorporate the movement patterns you will be performing. Its very easy to start in a bad postion, so I recommend using a mirror or ask a trainer to help you get in the correct lifting postion.

  1. Start standing with your toes under the bar. Lean over, bend your knees and take hold of the bar with your hands a little wider
    than your knees and palms facing you.
  2. Push your chest out and hollow your lower back. Gently draw in your tummy with
    a tight core
  3. Pushing through your feet and keeping your low back hollowed with your chest
    pushed out, lift the bar until you are standing in an upright position.
  4. Keeping your low back hollowed with your chest pushed out; lower the bar in a
    controlled manner down to the floor.


The push press is a a great way to train heavy loads overhead. This movement helps develop a strong core and shoulder stability. A very simple exercise than can be learnt pretty quickly and will have you lifting much more than your strict press.

Step 1: Starting position. Take the bar out of a rack or clean it to the racked position across the front of the shouldersStep

2: Dip and drive. Dip down at the knees and use that momentum to drive the bar upwards. …

Step 3: Lockout with bar overhead                                    barbell-push-press_470x360

The squat to me is the king of all movements and you certainly get the best bang for you buck interms of overall strength and muscle recruitment. Squats are alone one of the best functional exercises out there, which helps with mobility, core strength  and is the most time efficient ways to burn fat and get strong quickly.


  1.  Stand with your feet parallel and a comfortable distance apart with your weight
    evenly distributed between both legs.
  2. Take a barbell on your back, resting it evenly across your shoulders on the
    cushioned part of your upper back.
  3. Hold the bar with both hands keeping your elbows directly below your wrists.
  4.  Keeping your chest up, bend at your knees then hips to lower your bum down
    towards the ground behind you.
  5. Go as low as you can with control, ideally your hips should go below your knees.
    Keeping your heels on the ground, push up into the start position.



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